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Should I serve my own Party Wall Notice?

Party Wall Notice

This is a question that we are asked quite often by building owners who are first looking into the implications of the Party Wall Act. The simple answer is YES you can, and you can even download templates of the various notices here, but please be careful as there can be costly consequences of getting it wrong.

If you serve the wrong type of notice, or if the information within the notice is incorrect you can leave yourself open to delays in your project or additional legal fees if your neighbour thinks that you have not complied with the Party Wall Act and takes out an injunction to stop your work.

Most experienced Party Wall Surveyors will prepare and serve the correct notice, in the proper manner on your adjoining owners for a nominal fee. At London and County Surveyors, we offer this service for just £50 plus VAT, it makes sense to spend a few pounds and get your notices served correctly.

If you are planning building works that are notifiable under the Party Wall Act, please call London and County Surveyors for your free initial consultation. We have experienced Chartered Surveyors on hand to help, call today on 0800 197 8820.

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